MSHA safety training helps contractors and miners identifying and minimizing exposure to hazards found at mines. The top local MSHA certification safety training includes miner’s responsibilities and rights, materials handling safety, electrical safety, hazard communication, confined spaces, first aid, and emergency procedures. The safety training for mining is available inRead More →

The best possible water to use for infusing tea is well water. But here are the alternatives for us city folk: Tips for a pure brew: * Tea leaves love spring water, so use it if you have it available. This is my first choice because it is the nextRead More →

Last week I shot a 97. That was my best round yet. I started golfing about 3 years ago, and I am enjoying the challenge. I first took lessons to learn how to hold the club and make contact with the ball, which was surprisingly difficult. I remember that accidentallyRead More →

Ashton Kutcher isn’t a great actor. Let’s face it — he isn’t going to win any acting awards anytime in the near future. However he is quite competent at playing variations of Kelso — the character that made him famous on the hit FOX series ‘That 70’s Show.’ Kelso isRead More →

Being spiritual will help you transform into a better being and boost confidence within you. Following this path by involving in religious or spiritual practices, meditating, reading books on spirituality will help you be successful in life. Not only you notice the positive change but your mindset and focus alsoRead More →

Your boss has just informed you that your department is being reduced by two and you are fired. After he leaves, what are you going to do? This is not about finding a job it’s about being prepared for financial change. How you prepare for employment change is different forRead More →