I was teaching a class on Lease Options a while back and one gentleman was asking me why someone would ever sell a house on a Lease Option. As I was answering he said, “but… ” and then I answered his new questions and he said, “but… “. My daughterRead More →

City life is commonly described as fast-paced. It is a life that is tangled with having a busy lifestyle such that every second counts. Despite this scenario, the advantages of living in the city still speak best about why there are still may families who choose to dwell in theRead More →

Nursing home abuse is an issue that plagues millions of families and individuals alike each year around the world. While nursing home abuse may be apparent in some situations, it is important to note various signs that may signal abuse even when there are no other obvious indications. Knowing howRead More →

United, A to Z Rental and Sales, Sunbelt Rentals, and Classic Party Rentals all made new acquisitions in 2005. These companies were able acquire the others with the hopes of making a bigger and better future for themselves. United purchased Atlantic Rentals of Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada. United hopes toRead More →