4 Tips Before Purchasing Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser is a widely popular laser cutting tool. Every year, the prices of these machines keep changing, depending on its design types, laser power, brand, parts like mazak spare parts, mitsubishi replacement parts and other aspects. Double-NozzleMitsubishi-Double-Nozzle So, it is obvious to have misconceptions while inquiring and end up with an under-satisfying offer. Hence, here, we discuss some tips which you can take into consideration while purchasing CNC machines. 1. Don’t directly ask the price: Usually, the sellers analyze the authenticity and intention of the customers before pitching their product. You should not simply walk into the showroom and ask directly “What’s the cost of your laser cutting machine. If you do so, then there are chances that they might not be active or responsive to your inquiries. Before asking anything, make sure that you are clear in your head and know what you want your machine to do. Discuss those points with the salesperson and make your point clear. This will give them clarity in providing you better services. Additionally, you can prepare these details in advance. This will give you time to think about which things you want in your CNC machine. And this will also become easy for a salesperson to understand your requirements and provide you the perfect laser machine. Before going in and asking him, it would be great if you do some research from your end. Understanding the basics of laser machines will help you more while purchasing a machine. 2. Laser cutting machines and manufacturers are not equal: One common mistake most of the buyers make is assuming that metal laser cutting machines and manufacturers are equal. But, the truth is, different manufacturers provide different metal laser cutting machines with parts like mazak spare parts, mitsubishi replacement parts. Usually, fiber laser cutting machines vary in brands and core parts such as laser source, laser cutting head, motor, etc. these are the important factors for pricing the machines. The machine might have an enclosure which prevents laser radiation, double shuttle pallets to save the loading time. There are also sheets and tube integrated laser cutting machines suitable for customers that need to process sheets and tubes. Hence, the more functions and larger the size, the costlier these machines will be. Additionally, the laser power of the metal laser cutting machines differ from 500kW-12kW or even more. Similar to size, higher the laser power, higher the price. Sometimes, some sellers might give you a high configuration laser to gain more cost margins, some might tell you about some pretty low priced laser machines but not good quality. Hence, you should check carefully all the quotes. Remember, that different machines have different configurations and a simple comparison between prices will help you to end the choice of metal laser cutting machine. Additionally, there are different manufacturers that have different levels of experience and provide different service supports. This often affects the schedule of your projects too. It’s necessary to do your research about suppliers and find which companies are good and fast at it. You must be thinking of why researching suppliers is important. So, let me tell you if the supplier is not good at keeping the count of the spare parts they might keep you waiting for a long time to continue your production. 3. High Laser Power: Usually, it is said that the higher the power in the laser machine, the better it is. But, it even affects the cost. The laser cutting machines with high power have high requirements for their components. This makes the whole equipment cost soar. So, if budget is important and thick metal cutting is not your priority then having a low power laser suits well. 4. Don’t choose low-cost machines: While finalizing any deal, the cost is the major factor. You might think to choose the lowest cost machine to save some money. However, the cheaper machines are not always best with the given quotes. Nowadays, the metal laser cutting machines in the market vary depending on its quality and price. Some might cost very high as they belong to good companies and use quality parts like mazak spare parts, mitsubishi replacement parts while some might cost low. But, you need to make sure that whichever laser machine you choose should serve your purpose. Final Words: Laser machines are widely useful and cost efficient yet highly recommended by most of the fabricators. They are here to stay and make working with lasers easy for fabricators. So, now prepare your list before your next laser cutting machine purchase.

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