Career Change – 8 Guidelines For Men on How to Dress For the Job Interview

1. Suit: Dress in a conservative, tailored, good quality, dark blue, gray or muted pinstriped suit. Don’t wear bold plaids or stripes.

2. Shirt: Wear a good quality, white or pale blue, button-down shirt that is clean and pressed. Cuffs should show no more than 1/2 inch. Make certain the shirt fits. A tight collar is very uncomfortable. Don’t wear faddish styles or cheap fabric.

3. Tie: Wear a conservative, good quality tie that complements your suit. Avoid faddish prints, loud colors, bold patterns, clip-on or bow ties.

4. Shoes: Appropriate shoes are either a loafer or a business shoe that laces. Don’t wear boots or tennis shoes. Check the heels and polish the shoes. If you have worn soles don’t cross your legs and reveal big holes in your shoes.

5. Socks: Socks should be calf-length and match your suit and shoes.

Watch & Jewelry: Wear a conservative watch. Don’t wear jewelry except for a wedding band or a class ring. Don’t wear pins or jewelry that are religious or affiliated with societies or organizations.

6. Hair: Hair should be neat, styled, and fairly short. Don’t wear faddish cuts.

7. Grooming: Grooming should be impeccable. Eyeglasses should be spotless; fingernails should be cleaned and trimmed. No heavy aftershave or cologne.

8. Briefcase: Clean out your briefcase of everything except what you will need for the interview. If you have a writing tablet inside be sure you have removed pages with writing. If your briefcase is not in good shape, leave it in the car. If you carry your pager and/or phone in your briefcase be sure they are turned off.

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