St. Louis Career Coach Speaks About Finding Your Coaching Support System

Choosing a Career Coach is no different in St. Louis than in surrounding cities. The key is do they provide guidance with lasting results!

Choosing a Career Coach can be a daunting task if you don’t know or have never worked with a career coach. There are so many career coaches one has to ask, how do I choose and by what criteria do I measure if the career coach is right for me? Back in High School if you were active in a sport most likely you had a coach. Well the word coach has been expanded in our world today. Even some personal trainers at the gym have added on the name coach to their title. So why would anyone be interested in hiring their own personal training coach?

1. Faster results, 2. Get focused, 3. Target problem areas and turn them into benefits, 4. Be accountable, 5. Provide a personalized strategy 6. And the bottom line… to reach the goal!

This is much like what a career coach will provide for you.There are small career coaching companies or agencies that promise real job leads, openings, “special contacts” etc… Be very clear about what services are promised and how they will help you solve your career dilemma or crisis. They tend to focus only on tactics to land a position.Take note of these coaching attributes to find the best coaching fit for you.

St. Louis Career Coaches should provide the following:

· A personal one on one approach. Independent career coaches with their own private practices only thrive on the achievement of their clients. Without successful clients they can’t build a thriving practice so they are compelled to do what’s necessary to have successful clients.

· They should focus on building relationships. By understanding what’s unique about you as well as your specific career obstacle. Building a trusting relationship with your career coach is critical to the level of success you can achieve.

· Coaches should also help you find the right career that provides real satisfaction meaning the right values and purpose. You should experience a new sense of energy and enjoyment when landing the right career fit. You should feel like the career was made for you!

· They should guide you to discover whether or not the career will have the right career growth. They should help you to discover the long term goal and provide an approach to get there.

· Career Coaches should help you assess the right location fit for your career. What would it take to relocate you and your family and would that be worth it. Does the industry you are interested in provide real career opportunities within the township or state you live in? What are your options?

· They should help you identify the right environment or culture fit. They should help you identify what kind of cultures you will thrive in. They will help you understand what behaviors you want to be reward for while working for an organization.

· A Coach should help you get the best deal when negotiating an offer. Too many times clients take job offers within minutes of the verbal offer. They should have a working knowledge of how to handle job negotiating offers. Do they have a good track record for helping clients close the deal?

· And last but not least a Career Coach should provide guidance in putting together a strategic personalized career approach, a real marketing plan that personally fits your goals not just the generic tactical approach such as putting together a resume, learning how interview, or learning to negotiation the best job offer.

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