Tempted by Oceans of Opportunity – How to Make Wise Career and Business Choices

I don’t know about you, but this season has been one of climbing up a mountain of challenges, only to get to the top to be tempted by oceans of opportunity in view.

Now at the top, what do you think I might be inclined to do? Head down rugged trails to explore those new oceans glistening in the sun, most likely filled with new people and adventures?

Or, will I study the “map” of my business and life plan, then head in the direction already chartered, the one that will allow me to maintain my best pace and share my talents and wares with those I’ve already invested time and resources with?

Have you ever been in such a place?

If you are an independent contractor, an entrepreneur, or an individual embarking on a new job or career, you might be able to relate.

Which way should you go?

How much of your past experiences and relationships do you build upon?

How ready are you to try a new thing? Is that courage or something less flattering and unhealthy?

How set in your ways are you? Are you relying on your experience and skills, or hanging onto a limiting belief that’s keeping you from growing a bit?

If you have ever snow-skied or talked with someone who has, you know that black diamond runs are more adventurous and dangerous, blue or yellow trails are intermediate (can be somewhat challenging but not too intense) and green runs tend to be the easiest way to ski down a mountain.

So, here we are upon our mountains of demands, ready to move forward on the success journey. Each of us can choose our own trail.

Which path down is a green slope . . . also known as the “comfort zone” and which is the black diamond trail of foolishness or great risk?

Logic says most of us would choose to head down a blue run, embracing an intermediate slope based on our mission, our predetermined budget, available time and innate talent.

But hey, logic doesn’t always apply. Sometimes we do things from our emotions, and not our heads.

So how can we leave the mountaintop and proceed well, choosing the BEST career or business path?

o Know and affirm your purpose (Why are you here; what seems to be your unique contribution to others?)

o Clarify your vision and your values (If life is a puzzle, what does your puzzle box top look like? )

o Set a course with feedback from wise counsel (Who do you know that is honest, mature, content, grounded, healthy and financially fit that you can speak to about your next steps?)

Even the ‘expert’ faces the slope with uncertainty at times. So what do you think I will do, in humility?

Listen to wise counsel, review my purpose and plans and head down the blue path (not too easy, not too hard, but well-suited) . . . but only after shouting and pretending I can’t ski!

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