Need a Romantic Picnic Idea?

Ah, spring, when a young man’s thoughts turn to romance, and visions of things like moonlit strolls, quiet walks in the woods and picnics in a secluded spot look even more alluring. With today’s fast-food culture, though, a romantic picnic idea can be hard to come by. Let’s see if we can’t help you out a little bit there, Romeo (or Juliet).

First off, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right sort of munchies. I’m not talking about the main dish, here, I’m talking about those tasty nibbles you’ll hopefully be feeding each other while looking deep into each other’s eyes, or some such scenario.

Depending on your partner’s tastes, you’ve got a wide range to choose from. Fresh fruit is always a good choice, with whole strawberries dipped in sweet whipped cream (very transportable), grapes or slices of melon being decadent choices. For the carnivores, delicious deli meats and cheeses rolled in tortillas or crepes make low-mess choices. Bits of choice cheeses are another idea, just make sure you know your date’s preferences.,

When it comes to a main dish, simplicity is your watchword. You don’t want to have to interrupt the flow of a lovely meal to put together something intricate or, worse, to clean up after something messy. Stick to sandwiches, cold salads or wraps. Wraps are a great choice, because they give you a chance to combine so many different flavors in one handy container. You can assemble a complementary assortment of your sweetie’s favorite flavors.

For dessert, your options are almost limitless. Base your choices on your partner’s favorites. From petit fours to chocolate-dipped strawberries, there is an abundance of transportable sweets that will sate the sweet tooth and give you a chance to do some more of that all-important feeding each other activity we talked about earlier. A little something drippy, like chocolate or caramel, isn’t necessarily a bad thing here, for reasons I’ll leave to your own mind to figure out.

These are just a few starters. Your best romantic picnic idea will come from your own mind, since you know your partner best!

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