Smoked Salt – Way More Than Just Another Fad

It’s been on FoodTV with Alton Brown. You’ve seen it in your gourmet magazines. You’ve heard of it, but you don’t know what it is, what it’s for, or where to get it. We are talking about smoked salt, a hot new trend in the gourmet food marketplace.

Imagine being able to have that amazing fresh off the grill flavor no matter what the weather or season! Essentially smoked salt, is either sea or kosher salt, that has been saturated with the flavor of smoke, typically hickory, pecan, apple, or other flavourful woods. Smoked salt has been around for a very long time, and it is believed that the tradition began with the Danish smoking salts during the times of the Viking.

While many smoked salt products on the market are salt that has been soaked in liquid smoke, or salt that has been combined with powdered smoke, our Hickory smoked sea and kosher salt is slowly smoked over a clean burning hickory, maple or apple wood fire, with absolutely no added artificial smoke, colorants or flavourings. Over time, the smoke infuses the salt and creates a mild, but distinct smoked flavor with that hearty aroma of your favourite BBQ restaurant!

Subtle and yet robust, smoked salt from Caroline’s Rub adds an extra dimension of flavor to your favourite dishes. It can be used anywhere that you would normally use salt, and can actually replace that iodized stuff at the table. Keep in mind that sea salt is a larger grain salt that will require a grinder, whereas kosher salt is a true sprinkling salt.

One of our favourite ways to use the salt, is to take the traditional Tomato-Bocconcini-Basil salad to a whole new level simply by sprinkling the smoke infused salt over the dish prior to serving. Also, you can use it to sprinkle over your steak, pork chop, chowders…anywhere you want to kick up the flavor factor and add that fresh off the grill flavor.

Try some true smoked salt today, and we guarantee you won’t want to find yourself without it!

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