Are you the ideal candidate for hormone replacement therapy?

Have you lately heard about hormone replacement or hormone pellet therapy?

Are you eager to know more about it and above all do you want to find out whether you are an eligible candidate for this therapy or not?

If so, then read on in this post and you will be able to answer all these questions yourself.

First, we would like to tell you that hormone pellet therapy is the one that is good for both men and women who are experiencing changes in their bodies due to aging factors and because of the imbalance occurring in the natural levels of hormones in the body.

Any center for hormone pellet therapy Atlanta would be able to provide you with the best results in this case and your hormone levels would be neutralized again.

Now the question is whether you are a suitable candidate for hormone pellet therapy for women?

Suitable candidates for hormone therapy for women

You are the ideal candidate for the hormone pellet therapy if

  • If you are younger than 40 years and have undergone your menopause, then you are the ideal candidate for this therapy as your bones can benefit from this therapy in a very well manner.
  • If you just have had some kind of treatment concerning your reproductive system, something like the ovarian surgery for some illness, then too you are the best candidate for this therapy. After such surgeries many women will feel that their hormone levels have fallen down to a good extent and refilling these levels up, is going to be the best solution for them.
  • The women who are experiencing the acute symptoms of menopause are also the best treated with the help of this therapy. They can really benefit from this therapy because the slow release of the hormones into their bodies will help reduce the symptoms of menopause and will make them feel better about themselves.

Non suitable candidates for hormone therapy for women

Not very suitable candidates for this therapy are the ones as follows.

  • If you are into smoking and the blood clotting goes into your family history.
  • If you have a history of cancer for ovary breast or some reproductive organ.
  • If you have liver relevant diseases or have high cholesterol then too you are not a good candidate for the hormone pellet therapy.

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