Chalk Markers Enhance Your Expressive style

You’ve made up your mind to live your life in color and include a range of chalk markers to your repertoire. With any luck you’ve taken the time to investigate the best chalk pens and chose Superior Markers. Otherwise a word to the wise is sufficient. Chalkboard Pens are unique markers, which contain a water-based ink. This ink, when dried, has the same feel and look of standard chalk. Liquid chalk markers then make it simpler and a lot more fun to develop works of art, and the fact that they’ll clean away with little difficulty makes them the perfect chalk marker to use. The chalkboard pens are perfect for living your life in color with chalkboard craft, and can also be used for personal computer screens, laptop screens, signs, windows, mirrors, glass, and ceramic tiles. “I enjoy using Chalk Markers every day … be it at the office where all of us use them on any glass surface we can find … from brainstorming ideas, leaving cool messages for each other, or just shopping reminders for the trip home,” stated a Chalkboard Pen user. “Chalk Markers truly are a universal pen – they are such a simple tool to help produce, to have a good time with family and friends, and to use as a marketing tool. Not many items can do all that. I enjoy visiting friends houses and leaving wacky little messages on their mirrors or glass doors.” Now that you’ve chosen to use the best markers available, lets discuss blackboard fonts. The sky is almost the limit. Whatever your style or preference, whatever you are experiencing one day or the next there is a chalkboard font to express your style. Here are some favorites:. Create Memories, Play Hard, Dance, Dream, Big, Always Remember, Love, Laugh,. Friendship, Second Chances, Listen to Your Heart, Explore, Stand Tall, Travel,. Journey, Eat Cake, Work Hard, Enjoy, Family, LOL, Forgive, Read Books and. A Song for Jennifer. While these may seem like names for a romance novel they are in fact titles for chalkboard fonts and can add inspiration to whatever you are writing. Have fun with them, experiment, mix and match them, close your eyes and just pick one, use a different one every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Here are more:. Chalk Hand Lettering, Janda Stylish Script, Kraft Nine, Return to Sender, Hand Shop Typography, Hooverville, Carolyn You’re Invited, Closure, Outliner No. 45, Motion Picture, Archistico, Langdon, Chalk Hand Lettering, Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded, Chalk Hand Elements. Live your life to the fullest. Overlook a black and white life with clear lines and distinctions. But for other areas of your life you need the color and creativity of a variety of shades. You need the beauty and spontaneity of writing hearts on your child’s ipad or book bag. You need the colorful imagination of writing kisses and hugs on your spouse’s car driver’s side window or that special person in your life. Live your life in color. Add Chalkboard Pens. Use chalkboard fonts.

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