7 E-commerce Web Designing Tips That Bring Your Customers

In the e-commerce industry, the fact prevails that good web design is critical for turning your visitors into customers. Ideally, your website design should make the purchase easy and as quick as possible. Your online advertising efforts will go in vain if your website design loses your customers. If your customers are going off your website, you are implying wasting your hard earned money on running your e-commerce store. So what to do to make them stay and buy online from you? Well, follow these e-commerce web designing tips to make sure you see your products selling like hot cakes! 1. Make the Design for the User: This takes every single detail of your online shopping store, starting from product images to contact forms. These details help the customer in deciding to buy from your store. For instance, if the quality of the image of your products is low-quality, this puts a negative image of the product on customers and the reliability of your e-commerce store. If you are not sure whether your website is user-friendly or not, hire a professional to look at your website or get reviews from friends. Ask them to rate your website on different parameters such as usability, visual appeal, navigational ease, and overall satisfaction. 2. Employ Simple Designs: An easy and quick tip to make your website easy for your users is to use simple website designs. The more your website is user-friendly; the more customers will consider buying from you. For this matter, don’t include any unnecessary information and use a minimalist and simple design theme which looks neat and organized. Also, make sure your website does not contain distracting links, videos or images, with a call to actions clearly defined. The most famous platforms that provide user-friendly website themes are WordPress and Shopify for e-commerce stores. 3. Don’t forget to Include to a View Cart Button: Letting your customers view their cart is an effective web designing strategy for your online shopping store. Most e-commerce websites keep the ‘view your cart’ button on the top right corner to make it easy for the customers to view what they are going to buy. Make sure you keep this button visible on your website by making it recognizable to avoid any confusion. Given the most important button of your web store, make it highlighted through bright colors opposite from the background colors. Also, this button should be larger than others on the page. 4. Price Your Products, Honestly: The maxim, honesty is the best policy, applies in every aspect of your life, especially business. Ensure you always remain honest and upfront in the pricing of your products while designing your e-commerce store. The more information you’re share with your customers about the products, the more they trust your store. So, make sure you are not hiding any information from them or make it difficult for visitors to find information about your product. Making your visitors feel deceived or tricked will leave you with a bad reputation. Apply this rule of thumb to your shipping policy as well. Your customers must be reminded about the complete details of their purchase, shipping costs, and terms and conditions. Inform them about everything they should know about their shopping in your online store. Moreover, ensure that your store does not take too long to display shipping information because this is a critical factor that leads to cart abandonment. Help your customers see the complete cost of their purchase and shipping cost. 5. Avoid Distracting Users: Displaying information such as a blog, advertisement, sign up message for a newsletter or even your brand’s story are few great ways to increase customer experience on your web store. However, make sure this information does not distract them while they make a purchase from your website. Take, for instance, a contact page form looks more appropriate on the bottom of the homepage for people to join your email list. But making it pop out window jut when they are about to click on the ‘add to cart’ button interrupts in the buying procedure. Which can adversely affect your store? Not only this distracts and annoys them but they are more likely not to give you their email address. And even they may not return to your store again! So, think about it! 6. Quality Images is the Essence of Your E-commerce Store Success: What’s the point of buying online when you cannot help them see in person what they want to buy? To solve this problem, make sure you have a high quality image of your products or even an appealing video. Blurry and images with broken pixels can be the biggest turn off for your customers. It would be great if you build a photo gallery for every product so that the users click and see them from different angles before they decide to buy. Many good web stores use a zoom-in feature to let their users see the details of their products. Tip: you can add images of people actually using or reviewing your products. 7. Add a Testimonial Section: According to a recent SEO update, online opinions of the users is going to be one of the deciding factors for a brand to rank higher on Google. Moreover, 61% of online shoppers read customers reviews before buying online. So including product-related reviews under each product’s description is a good web designing strategy for your e-commerce store. If you are looking for more tips and tricks regarding web design for your e-commerce store, let us know in the comments below. We’ll be happy to help.

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