Benefits Of Social Security – Retirements, Disability, Dependents, And Survivors

Applying for social security benefits can be a daunting task and even a minute mistake can increase your waiting time to receive these benefits. Hiring efficient social security attorneys are considered safest step towards SSD/ SSI claiming process. Let us take a look at the different aspect if Social security benefits and the eligibility criteria for the same. • Retirement Benefits The workers who are covered under this plan should have worked for the required number of years. It could be ten years for a non-government job. These employees can choose available retirement facilities after the age of 62 years. There are incentives if anyone can wait till the full retirement age that is 65 to 67. As per social security office Philadelphia, the amount will be permanently reduced by some percentage if you start claiming the benefits before reaching the full retirement age. They also say that if a person can pull it to 70 years, the percentage will increase permanently by some percentage. • Disability Benefits If you have not reached that stage, but still have been considered disabled as per the medical guidelines due to some accident you had at the workplace, you will receive the benefits equal to your full retirement benefits. • Dependent Benefits If you are spouse to a retired or disabled worker who has fulfilled the requirements for getting social security benefits, you can get in touch with the social security office Dallas TX . They would do the needful, after which you and your either minor or disabled children would be entitled to the benefits as per his earning details. • Survivors Benefits If the worker has passed away, and you are the surviving family of the qualified worker, you would be eligible for survivor benefits as per the earning records. Eligibility of same-sex spouses-As per the current law, same-sex spouses are considered eligible for receiving the benefits of the qualified workers in the states which have legalized same-sex marriages. States such as New Mexico recognize the same-sex marriages that have happened in other states which allow. There are several federal laws in which marital status is a factor to be considered. These laws confer rights, protections, and benefits to the married couples. Benefits that they can avail Married couples get a significant financial boost from specific social security benefit programs that have previously been applied to same-sex couples. Same-sex couples can also take advantage of the federal tax benefits which have been introduced. They can file joint IRS returns which might have offers over separate returns. Federal law allows dividing the business income within the family, again leading to a right amount of tax saving. Social security office of Savannah GA mentions that they also have estate and gift tax exemption. They exempt gift taxes for all properties which were left for surviving spouses currently valuing up to $5 million. The surviving spouse does not pay any tax within these limits. Get in touch with Chermol & Fishman, LLC attorneys for best legal help. We will fight for your right and represent your SSD/ SSI benefits claims in front of the court without any hassle.

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