5 Majestic Purple Gemstones Found in Jewelry Stores

Blue and red colors are the coolest and warmest colors. Purple is their combination that combines high energy of red and calming energy of blue color. Since ancient time, purple gemstones were associated with power, wealth, royalty, kings, and queens. Being very rare color in nature, those gems were always adored for their rarity and beauty. Diamonds In nature, purple diamonds are created thanks to high hydrogen amount during their creation. Since this is not always the case, purple gems are one of the rarest crystals found in nature. As expected, their price is astronomical. For their beauty and majestic luster, those gems are sought after and most often purchased by gemstone collectors and extremely wealthy individuals. Sapphires The situation with purple sapphires is pretty much similar like with pink sapphires that I have described in the previous article. Those sapphires are very uncommon in nature. While many gemstones found in stores tend to be treated in some way, purple sapphires found in jewelry stores are mostly untreated because they are already very vivid with great natural coloring. Being second toughest after diamonds, sapphires are a great choice when it comes to buying engagement rings. Amethyst Amethyst is well known purple gemstone often used for making most interesting jewelry pieces. We may find them everywhere thanks to their good price and abundance. In the past, amethyst was just as precious as ruby, emerald, and sapphire but after huge amethyst deposits were found their price dropped significantly. This gem comes in every imaginable shade of purple color, from light to deep dark purple. Since it is pretty durable, it requires a little bit of care since it can be chipped or cracked. Fluorite Fluorite is an interesting gemstone that comes in a very beautiful purple color. Being pretty fragile with a rating of 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness, this gemstone is not often used in jewelry. For this reason, it is mostly bought by collectors for their sheer beauty. Highest quality fluorite gems are transparent with a beautiful luster. When used in jewelry it is advised to be used for earrings or pendants. Jasper We all know Jasper for its gorgeous red color. This magnificent gemstone can be found as well in purple color. Most of the gemstones found in nature vary from opaque to translucent in clarity. Also, they often contain patterns inside them, veins and matrix. Although on a Mohs scale of hardness they score 6.5-7, they are very compact in nature so can last a long time. Due to their abundance, their price is fair and you can find magnificent pieces of jewelry for a decent price. In combination with white metals, purple gems appear much more prominent and breathtaking. Those gems are most often combined with platinum, white gold, and silver. Of course, we may find them in settings with yellow and rose gold. This combination gives them a more classical and vintage look. If you are looking for a specific piece of jewelry you should take a closer look at this resource page where you can find pretty interesting pieces of jewelry. There are many more purple gems that can be found in jewelry stores like spinel, chalcedony, iolite, sugilite, kunzite, and tourmaline. They are often either very rare or often heat treated. This process is done in order to improve their color.

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