CakePHP- the Building Block of Web Application

Introduced in the year 2005, Cake PHP is one of the most popularly preferred PHP frameworks which is open source and is written on the MVC approach. Also known as Modular View Controller, this is a dynamic web application and designing tool which is extremely resourceful and tears down the dullness of business websites. It also avoids unnecessary repetition in coding, thus saving the cake PHP developer a lot of precious time. In 2006, CakePhp version 1.0 was launched which gained immense popularity in a quick span of time. Website application developers started to prefer using this for its scalability and flexibility along with the numerous advanced modular features that it offered. A powerful network, the features of CakePHP assists in focussing on increasing productivity based on Model, Controller and View Classes along with other additional items. It speeds up performance as well as re-usability which one can use to stimulate their websites rapidly. It is also designed in such a manner so as to support the 2.0 version with new theme and content management systems, modified feeds for comment, organised file management etc. The developers are capable of building robust application bases, with speedy software tools, options for choosing from multiple languages, customisation of fieldwork, templates according to the requirement of the particular business. Moreover, the recent CakePHP versions also come with improved shopping carts for e-commerce online stores. CakePHP has successfully proved to be a strong and consistent building block for expert web-based applications and site-building. Here is why. MVC pattern – This is a progressive feature which brings a lot of advantages in website designing. It helps save data, connect the queries into a single database, handles and support updating, inserting, deleting the model class, represents important data which the viewers can access alongside the growth on-screen, supports controller progress, is highly responsive to events etc. in large websites, the MVC model separates logic from the presentation which is crucial. The language barrier is Nil – The developers find it easy to work and effortlessly on any language they find themselves comfortable in. There is no barrier in such situations for the web development company. Object Relational Mapping – This is an innovative programming technique on which CakePHP is based. Here, one can convert incompatible data between the databases and the several object-oriented programming languages. It defines relations, pre-defining callbacks for every single table and even validating them. No redundant coding – The developers are saved from this difficulty so that they can build appealing websites in a shorter time frame. There is no time spent on unnecessary tasks. No Configuration needed – CakePHP erases all needs for configurations as most of the features that it offers are auto-detected attributes. One does not require to specify the location of the library or any such URL. the only thing that needs attention is the settings for database connections. Security – This is a top priority since CakePHP is licensed under MIT. this results in this framework being commercially outstanding and excellent in performance. All the applications under this are provided absolute protection, along with complete data confidentiality. There are a number of built-in-tools for CSRF protection, XSS prevention, SQL prevention of injection, validation of input. All these superlative features contribute a lot to the success associated with CakePHP. Henceforth, its instant solutions enable every business to grow and aim for revenue-oriented results.

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