Why Writing a Plan Is a Good Idea

Well written – what does that mean? Certainly, to write is not the easiest thing to do. Like any apprentice, we have to learn our trade the old-fashioned way. Evidently good writers can inspire us by way of example.

One of the most important things is to learn that you should always plan your essays before you write them. Before beginning, you should answer three questions:

1. what is the primary objective for the essay?

2. what is the question of the essay? You can state the question you want to answer in the essay itself;

3. what is your answer? Present your answer in a strong and clear thesis statement: a one-sentence summary.

That’s a simple plan that you can follow easily. I think the choice what to write that is the difficult part. Sometimes the most important question on a subject is simply hard to grasp. Not knowing how to start is one factor of difficulty. In fact, when writing becomes frustrating often there’s a lack of confidence in one’s own ability. That’s why you need to look for mentors. Think about them as allies in your writing journey. Besides, accept that you will fail over and over again. That’s normal. That’s just the way things are. Let the doubts away and go on about your business.

A plan is important because it’s the foundation to help you overcoming your difficulties. It helps you to stay focused and to achieve your desired goal. Planning your task gives you control. But don’t worry if things do not go as planned. What is important is that you are having a learning experience, and you can always adjust to the unexpected.

If you suffer from writing anxiety or writer’s block, remember that free writing is a good strategy to overcome it. It is a privilege to write about the things you love for one other person. Your enthusiasm must transfer to your written assignment. One must remember that when the writing is not meaningful, it is difficult to pull together all the requirements associated with a good piece. A writer told me that what matters most in writing is to help the readers grow. To pass on knowledge or wisdom to others. I think this is a legitimate reason to write. That said, whatever your reasons are, be honest with yourself.

When writing, remember what is the question that is important to your readers. Frame the question carefully. Your writing is an opportunity to contribution in which something is revealed. To have a question is the core of being a writer, serious, honest, and conscious.

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