Your Writing Gift

What would the world be like without creativity? There would be no books, no chairs, no television or anything else. Everything we use in our daily lives, sometimes things we take for granted were all created. I take the position our gift of writing, our ability to create did not originate with us. It is not anything we must invent. Accepting this gift by the willingness to use it opens the door to a part of lives beyond the daily norm.

Sometimes, before we knew we had the gift, we found ourselves drawn to pencils, paper, journals and books. Growing up, we thought these were just the things we liked. We loved stories, reading and movies. Some people looked at this at the entertainment level but it was more for us. We looked at the plots, the twists and turns, and the acting. We had the canny ability to see things from a deeper and different perspective.

Writing had never been a problem. We write. That is what we do but in the beginning, sometimes it seems a daunting task to write a book. After the cork is popped off of our creative bottle, our creativity begins to bubble over. If our book is met with the reception we wanted, we continue to allow our gift to pour out. If our book does not receive the attention we thought it would, sometimes we put the cork back on the bottle.

This happens in the beginning of our first stages as a writer. But, if there was any enjoyment had in the actual process of writing, your creative gift will soon be knocking on your door to get out again. We become willing to review. We look at what went right and what went wrong. We even take a look our expectations and where we need further research or development.

We then take pen in hand, or either sit in front of the computer and give it another try. Writing is natural. It is like breathing. The creative thoughts we have must get outside of our minds and onto paper. When we spend time writing we feel good about ourselves and good about the world. We see life beyond the everyday routines. There is another life that is alive, well, and ready to live outside of our imaginations.

We see and hear book series, stage-plays, and words to songs, and movies. They are knocking on the door asking us to let them out and play. First there is a book, then maybe another. We can become comfortable writing but being a creative and living a creative life will always stretch you for more. Those things that you only dream of, we should dare to do them. We may fail, of course it is a possibility but we may do well. We just may succeed which opens our door and the doors of others who are watching. Yes, there are people watching you, hoping you do well so they can believe they can too. We have to move past our comfort, our excuses and our fears to say yes to the gift we have been given. As creative people we have to learn to believe in ourselves, the ability we have to write and our opportunity to make a difference in the world.

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