We The People, Must Follow Through

After spending some time researching our 14 amendment and how it came to be I realize that in this, the 21st Century, we have the power, the means (the Internet, etc) to see that this never happens again.

So many of us, me included, just sat here in our cozy homes thinking all was well. We were wrong my reader and fellow Americans.

Democrat or Republican, far left or right is not the issue here. It’s taking back our country and sovereignty. The 14th amendment took our sovereignty away from us as humans and made us chattel (property of this government).

I can see where this could happen back then. But today there is not excuse for not taking part in the running of our government. Going to the polls, making your selection is just the beginning.

After that, we *MUST* follow-through as it’s put to us in just about every endeavor. Whether it be education, job or a game. Follow-through is a must.

We have to follow up and check on the issues brought before our legislators, we have to follow up on how they are voting, we must follow-through by letting our congressmen know how we feel about each and every issue.

In the wake of corporate scandal, corrupt leaders telling of their outrageous behavior as though it is completely normal and everyday activity, we still set back and do nothing.

We have been asleep for 229 years!

I realize our fore fathers had great insight and for that I am thankful. Just think for a moment that a handful of gentlemen basically got together and drafted our Constitution without the input of the people their decisions were going to affect. There was no nightly news, letters in your mailbox of pending legislation, the Internet, the telephone, or a fax machine.

As I mention the above ways available to us for communication I realize it might as well be 229 years ago. Our goverenment is NOT going to contact us, to see what we think, other than electing legislators (Federal and State) or Amendments on the ballot (Federal and State). If we don’t know what they are doing in our Federal or State Capitol buildings now, can we even wrap our minds around how little influence the “People” had when we “The People” was signed.

I, as an American, am embarrassed that I have set back relying on our government to make choices for me, are you?

I have to say at this point of the blog, what anyone finds wrong with America, our government or our leaders is our own fault. We are responsible. How can we blame anyone but ourselves, and our ancestors. I place blame on the ones before us because they too took no interest other than to vote.

To put our lack of participation in even more perspective, on average only 38% of us even take the time to vote! I fall in that 38% but I fail to follow-through, what about you?

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