There are three levels of formality in spoken and written language. These levels or tones of language impact on communicative style. Every speaker or writer adjusts her language to the various contexts in which she employs it. I am speaking here about the notion of style and the related dimensionRead More →

“Procrastination is the thief of true productivity, success and progress!” Perhaps the greatest roadblock to becoming an author or writing articles may be procrastination! I speak much along these lines in my book, “Diligence, The Master Key To Achieving Your Dreams.” We keep putting things off, saying that we willRead More →

What would the world be like without creativity? There would be no books, no chairs, no television or anything else. Everything we use in our daily lives, sometimes things we take for granted were all created. I take the position our gift of writing, our ability to create did notRead More →

With a grammar guide, you get help in five ways: No Spelling Mistakes You can choose to use a spell checking program, but a contextual spell checker will find all the mistakes you’ve made. Spelling mistakes are seen when the words used are correctly spelled but don’t fit the contextRead More →