Have you ever been to the airport and noticed a baggage cart? The small vehicles which are constantly running around and carrying your luggage. They are everywhere, small, white, and constantly on the go. Baggage tractors, as they are officially called, are probably the most ubiquitous vehicles at any airport.Read More →

The Covid19 pandemic disrupted lives, economies, businesses, and work structure. And the metal production industry is of no exception. However, if you work in the metalworking industry, you know how there’s a light at the end of the crisis tunnel. Like many metal fabricators, Laserfab, a Lebanon, Pa.-based job shop,Read More →

Fiber laser machines are gaining popularity in metal processing industries. In this article we are going to talk about nine major applications of fiber laser metal cutting: 1. Decoration Industry: The high speed and flexibility of cutting make the fiber laser cutting a go-to solution for the decoration industry. ThereRead More →

Fiber laser is a widely popular laser cutting tool. Every year, the prices of these machines keep changing, depending on its design types, laser power, brand, parts like mazak spare parts, mitsubishi replacement parts and other aspects. Double-NozzleMitsubishi-Double-Nozzle So, it is obvious to have misconceptions while inquiring and end upRead More →