Many banks have started charging customers a fee, some up to $5 if you use their human teller. Some banks will allow you a 1 time per month person to person contact. This was a simple business decision made on the part of management to encourage customers to utilize electronicRead More →

Your boss has just informed you that your department is being reduced by two and you are fired. After he leaves, what are you going to do? This is not about finding a job it’s about being prepared for financial change. How you prepare for employment change is different forRead More →

Do you cringe each month when you see your bank statement arrive online or via snail mail? You can banish traditional checkpoint balancing forever. How? By taking advantage of your bank’s “between statements” record-keeping. It’s perfectly legit and accomplishes exactly the same goal as statement balancing, but Instant Balancing isRead More →

From Bangkok to Edmonton, credit card statements stuff mail and email boxes with payment deadlines. Every bill reminds the giver that gifts given freely do not come free. Giving and buying often exceed generosity and need as a brittle piece of plastic becomes an avaricious spoiler of hopes and dreams.Read More →

‘Grant writing’ as the name suggests is the writing of a grant in order to raise grant or funds for one’s organization or project. Many a non-profit or individual organizations rely on these grants to run their work. There are several types of grants and the reasons for taking them.Read More →