What are the benefits of breastfeeding your baby?

If you have decided to breastfeed your baby, you have made the rightest decision for her because breast milk is something that is nothing less than a treasure for newly born babies. This milk is produced naturally in the bodies of mothers and it is highly beneficial for babies as it contains antibodies and other nutrients that help fight diseases and protects your child as well.

There are so many ways in which breastfeeding can help your baby and can benefit him in the best possible way, that you would be amazed to learn about them.

This post is all about the benefits that breastfeeding has to offer to the mother and the baby. Take a look at these and know all you want to. Even if you have decided only to feed your child with the milk for the early days, then again you are right because the milk that comes to you naturally in the early days is rich in benefits for the child and even for you. Wondering which benefits?

Take a look.

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  • Breastfeeding is known to help your uterus return to its original size before pregnancy and it also reduces post-delivery bleeding.
  • Losing the weight that you had gained in the pregnancy is made easier with the help of breastfeeding because it is like burning around 500 extra calories every day.
  • Many health risks are also reduced with breastfeeding including postpartum depression, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.
  • Breastfeeding also helps in delaying your period so the chances of conception get decreased. But you are still advised to use some precautions for birth control as well.
  • The simplest and the best thing about breastfeeding is the fact that you can save the money that you would otherwise have to spend on the purchase of formula milk.

These and several other benefits of breastfeeding are known for centuries and mothers love to nurse their babies themselves to bond better with them.


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