8 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Conversion Rate for Your E-commerce Store in 2019

Building an email subscription list is one of the most important aspects of running an e-commerce store. This list helps you understand the competition in the market as well as in building engaged and valuable relationships with your customers. Moreover, it gives an insight into how to increase your customer’s lifetime value. As you build a relationship with your customers through email marketing, the strategies you employ matter the most. Before we dig out what to be done to make your email marketing more effective, let’s have a look at why email marketing is important for your online shopping store? Right after the search engine marketing, email marketing is said to be the most effective digital marketing channel. It’s a highly effective way to directly reach and market your products and services to your potential customers online- much easier than the traditional marketing tactics or say sending mailer. You name the goal you have in your mind for your e-commerce business: generating leads, retaining new customers or retargeting your existing customers- all are easily done through email marketing. Email Marketing Tips to Increase Conversion Rate: They are your customers because they have already made a purchase from your store. The benchmarks from the industry depict that 21% of your customers will open your email and 2.56% of them will click through to your website. Interestingly, 33% of customers open email given your subject line. And last but not least, 55% of customers open emails on mobile devices- this speaks volumes of itself. Your brand should strive to beat these benchmarks and not just settle for these stats, and you can do exactly the same with the help of these tips: 1. Pay Attention to Your Subject Lines: Your subject line is a one-time chance to get your customers open emails. The goal in your mind is to let your customers click and enjoy your content- this means you should be both, salesy and catchy at the same time. Apart from offering discounts by telling them “30% OFF Site Wide” or “Season’s Discount” you can add a sense of urgency in your subject lines for example, “30% OFF” 2 Days Left! “Hurry UP”, “Hours Left” etc. This tricks also work for subject lines because the customer becomes curious to know what is going to be in the email, and you get more clicks and get them to read your message while boosting your open rates! 2. Welcome, Your Customers on Website: Customers love it when they are warmly welcomed! When customer your website for the first time, you need to set a pop-up or any other interesting message to provide yours with their email address. But this is also important that they should not be bothered by these pop-ups while reading content on your website. When they enter their email, add the emails into welcome automation and tell them why they should subscribe to your company and what is there for them. 3. Segment Your Audience: While dividing your audience into different groups is a good way to boost your email open rates. Moreover, this builds an effective and better relationship with a wider audience as well as help you remain more focused on placing the right products in front of the right people. In addition to it, it helps you control who sees what and when. Based on these facts which tell your customers’ interests, you can offer your products strategically through email- even for those who haven’t bought yet from you. 4. Use Compelling Words: For e-commerce email marketing, you have to develop a copy that effectively engages your audience and converts them into subscribers. Remember, you have to sell your products. There are few power words that you can use to your advantage such as ‘Bestselling’, ‘Improved’ etc. These catchy words make your boring copy an exciting gone and make people wait for your upcoming sale or offer. One impressive adjective to your email’s subject line drastically improves the vibe of your message and ultimately influences the click-through rate. The Bonus Tip: Treat Your Customers as VIPs! 5. Tell Them More about Your Product: Exactly! You don’t simply have to tell them about your product, but you have to explain how they will feel when they use your product or how it is beneficial for them. Words that explain this requirement put a big impact on the readers. Call your subscribers something else, something more important than just subscribers such as VIPs to make them like you are individually talking to them. 6. Do Everything to Make Your Emails Personalized: A personalized message always makes customers feel important and special. This is also a great trick to grab their attention. It is something beyond using customers’ name. It all begins with your subject line and copy. Furthermore, make your product recommendations and show location nearest to them. 7. Work On Abandoned Cart Emails: Abandoned cart emails are sent to the new and repeat customers who have visited your website, added items in their cart, but left. Hence, they left or abandoned their cart. Why these customers are important? Because abandoned cart emails can recover the 15% of revenue, that you would have been lost otherwise. In certain cases, the companies have been successful in recovering by 50% of revenue. While forming an abandon cart email, remember, you don’t have to be demanding while delivering your message. These emails are a way of friendly communication with your potential customers to come back and buy from you. To make it more attractive, use good quality images of your products that customers had left in their cart and couple it with a strong call to action. Even if it takes to offer a discount, do it! 8. Send Order and Delivery Confirmation: In case your customer is receiving the product at home, confirmation order and delivery status automation are essential for an effective email marketing strategy. These emails help the customers stay updated about their product status and details of their purchase. This way you can also build trust with your customers and help release worries about their order. That’s really sad to realize many businesses don’t employ an effective email marketing strategy which eventually reduces their sales and customer retention. Failing on this front means you cannot meet and beat the competition in the e-commerce industry. If you have more tips to share, let us know in the comments.

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