Hunting for SPRINGBOK

Today we will be discussing the National animal of South Africa, the Springbok. We give you great hunting tips as well as some background of this magnificent antelope. This is one of the more challenging animals to hunt, and it will challenge every hunting skill you got! Here is what you need to know:


The Springbok gets its name from its characteristic jumping display. “Spring”, meaning jump and “bok”, meaning antelope, in Afrikaans. The Springbok also has 4 color variants, namely the Common Springbuck, Copper Springbuck, White Springbuck and the Black Springbuck. It is a medium-sized antelope that inhabit the dry areas of southern and southwestern Africa. They are herbivores and can survive without drinking water for years. It gets most of its water requirements through the vegetation that it eats. They are highly social animals and move around in large herds.


The biggest difference between a male and a female are the horns. The horns of the ram are much larger and thicker, especially towards the base. Rams are also built much bigger, making it easy for the hunter to differentiate between the two. Solitary males are usually good trophies.

A Springbok can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h (56 mph), making them one of the top 10 fastest land animals in the world.

Hunting Tips

The Springbok has exceptional eyesight and are difficult to get close to if they sense you first, making it a really challenging hunt that will test all your stalking skills, as well as your long range shots. You will most probably be forced to take a shot well over 300 yards. The best method for success is to catch the Springbok by surprise by either lying and waiting for it to pass by or by walking slowly through cover, if there is any. Due to their alert nature, one can spend several hours trying to get close enough to get a shot. They are very curious animals and often patience will draw them closer. The perfect shot placement will be behind the shoulder, one third of the way up from the chest. The best time of the year to hunt Springbok in South Africa are between April and October.

When deciding on the perfect rifle and caliber, any good long shooting caliber like the.243.270s, 30.06 s. 7 mm &.300 Magnums are good choices especially for the distance aspect of the shot.

The Rowland Ward Minimum for a Springbok is 14 inches, and the record is 20 ½ inches. The SCI Gold entry is 38 a inches.

The Springbok is one of Africa’s most spectacular animals. Its absolute beauty will leave you in awe. Very few hunters have the privilege to say that they have taken the Springbuck Grand Slam (all 4 color variations). Be sure to put this one down on your list for your next hunting Safari.

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