Best cap designs for autumn and how to wear them

Tracing its origins at around the 15th century, the flat cap has been a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe for many years, in all its colors and variations. Whether a part of the workers’ uniform or a headpiece for the members of the aristocracy, it has always been beloved and doesn’t seem to lose any of its popularity. Today, we’ll cover some of the best flat caps styles for autumn, as well as how to wear them and what fabrics to choose for each of them.

Linen Ivy cap

To start off with something thin and delicate, perfect for the sunnier and warmer autumn days, an Ivy flat cap made of linen is a great choice to make if you’re looking for something that will keep you feeling fresh. This cap has a short and stiff brim, and thanks to its slim design it doesn’t look too bulky like the classic newspaper boy cap does. A beige linen Ivy cap will look good when worn with a classy white shirt and blue jeans combination, but it can also be worn as an accessory to your work outfits.

Cotton newsboy cap

The newsboy cap is a timeless piece, the very staple of one’s wardrobe. Traditionally, it was made of wool or woolen blends, but we recommend taking a look at the cotton ones as well, as they are just as perfect in terms of design, but more breathable and lightweight. A newsboy cap also has a snap button so that you can adjust it to your liking, for example if you want to wear it on the side. It will pop off if you decide to wear it with a thin fitted sweater and some chino pants, especially when combined with some dress shoes.

Tweed flat cap

Tweed is without a doubt the best fabric for a warm and insulating flat cap for the autumn season and this is exactly what makes tweed Irish flat caps so beloved for the colder months. The rounded brim and the slim and fit design immediately make one’s outfit more elegant and elevated. If this is the look you’re going for this fall, a tweed Irish flat cap from this online hats selection is a must in your wardrobe. And if you want your outfits to look even more interesting you can get a patchwork tweed cap that would combine autumnal shades and add some color to your looks.

Leather Gatsby cap

Leather is surely not the first fabric that comes to mind when one thinks of flat caps, but it is definitely one of the top materials for these garments, especially for the coldest late autumn days. The sleek design of the Gatsby cap in combination with the soft and durable leather creates a beautiful and practical headpiece. You can get a basic black one that would go perfect with all your outfits or you could spice up your looks by getting a vintage brown one or a cap with metallic details. A leather Gatsby cap is a classy and comfortable accessory that will perfectly compliment your woolen coat or leather jacket

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