Career Change – 8 Guidelines on How Women Should Dress For the Job Interview!

1. Suit: Wear a good quality, conservative, dark suit that is at or just below the knee. A conservative dress with a jacket is the next best choice, but a suit is preferred. Blue, gray, beige or tan are preferred colors. Avoid red, pink, and orange. Don’t wear faddish styles and never wear a pantsuit).

2. Blouse: Wear a good quality, simple blouse. Avoid tight or low cut blouses. Wear a color that complements you, but goes with the suit you are wearing.

3. Stockings: Wear plain skin colored hose. Avoid dark colors and patterns.

4. Shoes: Coordinate shoes with your outfit. The heel should be no higher than two-inches. No open toe shoes or open heels and especially no sandals. Check heels for scuffing. If the heel is worn it is time to replace the shoes or take them to a shoe repair shop. Don’t miss a good opportunity because your shoes are in bad shape. No matter how nice your suit is, a poorly maintained pair of shoes will destroy any good impression you hoped to make.

5. Watch & Jewelry: Wear a conservative watch. Wear small earrings and no more than two simple rings. Don’t wear dangling earrings or jewelry best used for evening wear. Don’t wear bangle bracelets or any type of accessory that will make noise or interfere with your interview.

6. Hair: Wear a simple and becoming style that is clean and neat. Avoid fads and long, curly or fussy styles.

7. Grooming: You want to project a clean, neat and professional image. Eyeglasses should be spotless. Avoid heavy makeup. Don’t use perfume, or use only a tiny amount. If you can smell it, then it is too much. Nail polish should be clear or light. Nails should be trimmed neatly without any trendy designs.

8. Briefcase: Clean out your briefcase of everything except what you will need for the interview. If you have a writing tablet inside, be sure you have removed pages with writing. If your briefcase is not in good shape, leave it in the car. If you carry your pager and/or phone in your briefcase, be sure they are turned off during the interview.

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