Avoid Personal Injury – 7 Tips For a Safe Gym Workout

Pushing yourself at the gym to get that lean body surely requires hard work and multiple exercises. While you may even want to achieve your fitness goal faster, but do you know your gym can become your killer if you use the equipment the wrong way? Especially, when you work out with the weight lifting machines, there is an increased risk of getting a serious personal injury that can even cause death! So, it is essential to be aware of the risks that prevail within your high targets of becoming fit, faster. With these tips, you can prevent these life-altering accidents: 1. Make Sure You are Fit to be Fit! Certain health conditions can be developed even in otherwise healthy people, such as heart disease or diabetes. There are many gym programs that need pre-examination of your health condition to ensure that working out in the gym will not affect you negatively in any way. In case you have a preexisting disease, consult with your doctor first before buying a gym membership. Your doctor may advise you certain precautions and restrict a few exercises to give your specific health problems. 2. Follow the Warm-Up and Cool-Down Rule, Religiously: You must have heard in high school from your Physical Training teacher to warm up before you begin exercises. That’s true even before you work out in the gym, warm up to get the blood flowing in every muscle of your body and prepare you for the harder workout. For instance, you can use a treadmill, elliptical or cycle to warm-up and then cool down after your main warming up session. 3. Don’t Go Hard For Yourself, Immediately: The best results you will see when you gradually increase the intensity, time duration and reps of your workout. For instance, if you lift weight too much too soon, this will make you end up getting injured. Whether it is strength training or cardio exercises, you should increase the time duration before you increase the intensity and speed. 4. Don’t Do it Without Supervision of the Trainer: Although there are written instruction and warning on the equipment, it does not offer you an alternative of the expert eye of the personal trainer. You must perform sessions under the supervision of your trainer to avoid the wrong usage and lifting a heavy weight more than your capacity that leads to severe injuries. So, the personal trainer will instruct you step by step how to use the equipment while remaining safe. 5. Don’t Lift Weight without Spotters: Most of the gyms keep spotters for weight lifting. Especially, when you try to lift the barbells the risk of dropping weight on yourself becomes higher. So make sure those barbells have the spotters. 6. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Most often we have ear buds in, eyes straight focusing too much on getting the work done. But, if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings, you may walk into dumbbell flyes. So, keep your eyes open and keep a safe distance from others. 7. Re-rack Your Weights: Although, this is more relevant to the gym etiquette but very essential to make the gym a safer place. Avoid leaving heavyweights on the floor to avoid stubbing toes on the dumbbell or tripping on dumbbell left on the floor. A careful workout in the gym is essential not only for you but for others too. When you make your gym safe, you enjoy your sessions with the concentration on your fitness goals.

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